Manuscripts are assigned to the Executive Editor, who will send them, without the name and affiliation of authors, to 2 experts in the field, normally by E-mail. All the reviewers of a paper remain anonymous to the authors and act independently. They have different affiliation, usually located in different towns/countries, and they are not aware of each other's identities. If the decisions of the 2 reviewers are not the same the paper is send to a third reviewer.
          The Editor-in-Chief makes a decision based on the reviewer's evaluations and the Executive Editor's comments. This decision, along with the comments, is transmitted to the authors via E-mail. A decision is made usually within six weeks of the receipt of the manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief will advise authors whether a manuscript is accepted, should be revised, or is rejected. The minor revisions should be returned within four weeks of decision and the major revisions within three months. Manuscripts not revised within this time will be withdrawn from consideration unless there are extenuating circumstances.
          The final decision for publication is done by the Editor-in-Chief in accordance with the reviewers' scrutiny and the scope of the journal.
          The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the quality and selection of manuscripts chosen to be published, as well as the authors are responsible for the content of their articles.

         When presenting a contribution/paper to be published in "Codrul Cosminului", the author (authors) must consent to the following steps related to ethics and copyright, and assume, in writing, the following Declaration.
Codrul Cosminului
Department of Human, Social and Political Sciences, 2006-2020