Paper title:
  A New Outstanding Work on "Women's History"
Published in:
Issue 1 (Vol. 25) / 2019
Publishing date:
Nizhnik Nadezhda
The emergence of a new trend in historical science - the history of women - contributed to a qualitative change in research on the status of women, wom-en's everyday life, the problems of women's self-organization, their participation in the political and public life of different states, performance of various social roles by women and mechanisms of their adaptation to social cataclysms, eth-nology of family, gender and sexuality. Despite the fact that the women's history has attracted the attention of research-ers of different specialties from different countries, as well as artists, writers and publicists for many years, and a number of significant works have already been created in this field, the book of the holder of an Advanced Doctorate in Histori-cal Sciences, Associate Professor, Leading Researcher at the National Museum of History of Moldova Lilia Zabolotnaia, "Moldavian Women in History. Destinies, Politics and Love" has already taken its special place in the scientific historical literature.
Lilia Zabolotnaia, history of women, Moldova, society, gender.

1. Lilia Zabolotnaia, Moldavian Women in History. Destinies, Politics, and Love, Târgovişte, Editura "Cetatea de Scaun", 2018, 295 p.