Paper title:
  A Critical Way of Approaching Contemporary Romanian Geopolitics
Published in:
Issue 1 (Vol. 26) / 2020
Publishing date:
Vlad Gafița
The scientific novelty of the study consists of the unique, organic, integrative, synchronous and diachronic approach of this topic in the Romanian academic space after 1990. The author uses a diverse scientific methodology –inductive, deductive, cartographic, historical, statistical-mathematical, and analytical – from the intersection of political geography, geopolitics, geoeconomics, geostrategy, geo-culture and history. From the beginning of the book, he reveals an interdisciplinary vision, presenting his perspective through the complicated kaleidoscope of the main schools of geopolitics (American, German, French, British). Following in parallel, chronologically and thematically, the relations between post-totalitarian Romania and the USA, Germany and Russia, the author builds his conceptual, scientific and methodological edifice on a series of pillars, present in all five chapters: frontier, history, geopolitics, geostrategy, geoeconomics, geoculture. Benefiting from an impressive bibliography, the author offers an original and surprising view of the Romanian, American, German, and Russian geopolitical realities, managing to detach himself from prejudices, taboos, stereotypes, and leaving the sphere of official, formal and dull language, so often used in the Romanian space by politicians, journalists, and by some pseudo-specialists in geopolitics, security, etc.
Romania, Germany, USA, Russia, political geography, geopolitics, geoeconomics, geostrategy, geoculture, border/frontier.

1. Florin Pintescu, Politicile SUA, Germaniei și Rusiei în spațiul românesc (1990-2018) [The US, German and Russian policies in the Romanian space (1990-2018)], Târgoviște, Edi-tura "Cetatea de Scaun", 2019, 316 pp, note, bibliografie, indice.