Paper title:
  Archaic Elements of Vegetation Cult in Traditional Customs of the Population of Ukrainian-Romanian Bordering Zone of Bukovina
Published in:
Issue 1 (Vol. 25) / 2019
Publishing date:
Moysey Antoniy, Mosenkis Iurii, Strokal Oleksandr
The article is based on the written sources of the 15-19th Centuries, materials of archives and museums of Ukraine, Romania, Republic of Moldova, ethnographic surveys and anthologies, monographic descriptions of villages, folklore collections, and diaries of expeditions to the Romanian and Ukrainian villages of the Northern and Southern Bukovina. The authors try to determine the role and current state of preservation of the vegetation cult elements in the spiritual culture of the Ukrainians and Romanians. The geographical area of study is defined by the fact that the authors recognize Bukovina (both its Northern and Southern parts) as a single ethnographic zone that was shaped during the hundreds of years-long cohabitation of two autochthonous peoples.
Vegetation cult, traditional customs, foretelling the weather, pluvial rituals, matrimonial divinations, worship trees, folk medicine.

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