Paper title:
  Bukovinian Ukrainians on the pages of the Ukrainian biweekly magazine the "Dnipro Waves" (1910-1913)
Published in:
Issue 1 (Vol. 26) / 2020
Publishing date:
Halyna Kotsur, Anatolii Kotsur
The study reveals the importance of the illustrated biweekly magazine "Dnieper Waves" (1910-1913) for the national revival of Ukraine, at the beginning of the 20th century. The pages of the magazine hosted materials related to the complex history of Bukovina, the socio-economic, political and cultural evolution of the province. The authors of this study analyze aspects of identity, the education and prints regarding the Bukovinian Ukrainians, civic, professional, scientific or cultural societies. Moments from the evolution of the school system, the electoral campaigns, the involvement of young people in public life, the activities of the leading figures of the province are also presented. The articles published in the biweekly "Dnieper Waves" reflect the relations between the Ukrainians of Dnieper Ukraine (part of the Russian Empire) and the Ukrainians in Galicia and Bukovina (countries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The authors point out that the periodical "Dnieper Waves", although published in the city of Ekaterinoslav of Dnieper Ukraine, placed the illustration of everyday life in Bukovina at the center of its editorial policy.
Ukrainian press, the "Dnieper Waves", Bukovina, national life, Chernivtsi.

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