Paper title:
  The Impact of the Crisis in Ukraine in 2014 on Moldova, from the Perspective of a Historian
Published in:
Issue 2 (Vol. 26) / 2020
Publishing date:
Paul D. Quinlan
This paper is an in-depth analysis of Moldova’s relations with Ukraine, Russia, the Europe-an Union (EU), and the United States (US) during the Ukrainian crisis of 2014 to show the serious political impact and consequences the crisis had on Moldova by further polarizing an already highly polarized Moldova, which has been largely ignored by scholars. Moldo-va’s pro-EU, pro-Western government, the Coalition for Pro-European Governance (CEG), initialled the EU Association Agreement (AA) in Vilnius in November 2013, along with Georgia. In order to prevent Moldova from signing the association agreement, Russia has resorted to the economic weapon, threatening to block imports of food and beverages from the Republic of Moldova and to deport a large part of the 500,000 Moldovans working in Russia and bringing money to the state budget. Despite these threats, Moldova signed the association agreement with the European Union on June 27, this being ratified by the par-liament on July 2, 2014. Russia later retaliated with the support of two pro-Russian politi-cal parties, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova and Renato Usatîi's "Patria" (Homeland) party. By their actions and official statements, these parties have embarrassed and continue to embarrass the pro-European and pro-Western policies of Moldova.
Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, geopolitical dichotomy, EU Association Agreement, Eastern Partnership, Customs Union, Transnistria

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