Paper title:
  Bukovinian Spirituality: The Church of ‘Saint George the Great Martyr’ of the ‘Saint John the New of Suceava’ Monastery
Published in:
Issue 2 (Vol. 29) / 2023
Publishing date:
425 – 430
Ionel Bostan
Literature that focuses on the monasteries and places of worship in Bukovina contributes to a higher understanding of this region’s spiritual/religious magnetism. The work under review - “The Church of ‘Saint George the Great Martyr’ of ‘Saint John the New of Suceava’ Monastery. History, Faith, Culture and Civilization” by Vasile M. Demciuc, PhD, is an excellent example of such writing. Thanks to the author’s efforts readers gain knowledge about the architectural ensemble’s historical setting, the founders, inscriptions, iconostasis (Moldavian Baroque style), architecture, altar, or nave, the external painting which was severely damaged during the Habsburg period and largely covered by a thick layer of plaster.
Bukovina; monasteries; churches; Saint Ioan; Saint George; medieval architectural landmarks; Moldavia.

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