Paper title:
 Political Actionism on the Football Fields of the World as a Form of a Political Protest
Published in:
Issue 2 (Vol. 28) / 2022
Publishing date:
325– 352
Nataliia Karpchuk, Serhii Kulyk, Antonina Shuliak
Political protests during sporting events are aimed at attracting wide public attention, gaining significant media coverage and turning football fields into places of high performance during important matches. The actionists demonstrate peace, carnival spirit and certain insecurity; despite this, they confront and constitute considerable concern to the ruling elite of the states. The analysis covered nonviolent protests on football fields around the world from 1976 to 2018. This article examines political activism, namely political actionism on football fields around the world (namely, streaking) as a form of political protest. The investigation follows two approaches: first, despite being entertaining, protests at football matches are a way to voice views and positions ‘uncomfortable’ to the authority, and second, they may undermine the authority and damage its power. Streaking may generate more public protests in support of actionists or their convictions.

political protest, political activism, political actionism, streaker, challenge, threat, ruling elite


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